Vice-Chancellor For Academic Affairs

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Biography of Vice-Chancellor For Academic Affairs

Mohammad Masood Nicnam son of Taj Mohammad was born in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He completed his primary and secondary education in Sultan Mahmood and Sanayee High schools in Ghazni city from 1995-2006. After passing the national entrance exam for university level, he was admitted in Kabul University and completed his bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension Department, Faculty of Agriculture in 2010. Just after his graduation, he started his first official job as permanent academic member of Ghazni University. Later on, Mr. Nicnam pursued his master’s level in the field of International Agricultural Development in Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan in 2017. Since graduation, he has been working as faculty member in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, and as Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Ghazni University.

So far, he has participated actively in several local, national and international conferences and workshops in Japan, India, and USA.

Research works:

  1. THE ROLE OF AFGHAN WOMEN IN FAMILY POULTRY PRODUCTION, A Case Study of Paghman District of Kabul Province. Published in the report of annual meeting of Japanese Society of Agricultural and Regional Development, Nihon University., 2016. English.


  1. THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN FAMILY POULTRY PRODUCTION IN AFGHANISTAN: A Case Study of Paghman District of Kabul Province, Master’s Thesis in English, 2017.



  1. The Role of Lapis Lazuli Route on Agriculture Sector and Promoting Rural Livelihood in Afghanistan, in Dari language, published in Academic Journal of Baghlan University, 2019.


  1. A Glance on Geography, Socio-economic and Agricultural Situation of Ghazni Province. Published in Academic Journal of Ablironi  University, in Dari Language, 2020.


  1. The Major Socio-economic Factors of Afghan Immigrations: Dari language. (Under work).