Vice-Chancellor For Student Affairs

About the Vice Chancellery for Students Affairs

The office of V. C. Students is an academic administration founded with increase in the amount of students and development of the university beside Academic and Administrative V.C’s. in 2012. The office of V.C. Students acts on the basis of specified law, rule and regulation that defined by the ministry of higher education to support and cooperate with Chancellor. The office of the students affairs is responsible for planning, leading and managing his/her sub offices, like registration office, introducing and including freshers to class and hostel, applying the related laws and rules, investigating the complain cases, supervision of teaching process, discipline, consulting services for students and employment. The mentioned responsibilities done by sub ordinate offices such as students affairs office, registration manager and executive office as well as the hostel manager and related committees.

Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs of Ghazni University administrative Chart, 2020

Students Statistics

The Ghazni University in the established year (2008) had only 111 students of 300 introduced ones by the Kankor examination committee of Ministry of Higher Education in which 13 percent were girls. After that, by the development and extension of university, the quantity of students increased year by year, and also the amount of graduated students followed the ascendant trend. For more information please see the following table that shows the present and graduated statistics of students from establishment to present (2020).

Duties and Responsibilities

Other responsibilities of V.C. Students

The V.C. of Students besides being responsible for students affairs officially, he also has to do teaching, research and leading or member of some committees at university level. As, the V.C. chancellery is an academic position, he teaches, researches and does other jobs that make him to do. Beside academic activities, he leading the exam committee, cultural, discipline and credit system committees.

Supervision in adaptation of Higher Education Management System (HEMIS) and Higher Education Learning Management System (HELMS) by executive managers of students , faculties and teachers are also a part of his activities.

V.C. Students Name: Assistant  professor Ahmad Reza Salihy

Teacher: Agronomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ghazni University

Email: ,

Mobile Number: 0093780140242 , 0093747598122

Address:  Room Number 12, V.C. Students office, Agriculture Block, Ghazni University, Ghazni city.

Biography of Assistance Professor, Ahmad Reza Salihy Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs

Ahmad Reza Salihy son of Alhaj Mohammad Salih was born in 1980 at Ghazni province in a religious and broad minded family. He had done his religious studies till Sarf Bahayee in his Village. His primary, secondary and higher school till eleventh class was done at Ostad Abdud Ghafoor Soltani high school in Ghazni province in 2001. He received his twelfth class degree in 2002 from Noor high school in Pakistan. In 2003 accepted as a fresh student in Agriculture faculty at Kabul university. He graduated as Bachelor degree with great mark in 2006. In 2008, after one year work in different offices he joined as a Junior Assistance professor at Ghazni university in Agriculture faculty. In second quarter of 2009 beside teaching selected as deputy of Agriculture faculty till summer of 2010, when he left to India for post graduate studies. He completed his Master degree (M.Sc.) in Agronomy, agriculture in 2012. On the basis of his promise to serve at University after completion, he returned back to his previous job and start his duty actively. He shared his experiences and knowledge learned during master degree with students and teachers of the faculty and start better teaching than before.

Till 2013, the mentioned university by having about 2500 students and the empty chair of Vice Chancellor for Students affairs faced with a lot of problems. On this year, he was selected and pointed - on the basis of qualification, knowledge and abilities - as Vice Chancellor for Students. Beside teaching and academic activities he has done well the mentioned responsibilities with full truthfulness and custody. The experiences learned from the Indian university shared with teachers and students which were not opposite with our laws. He arranged and managed the problems were in the office of students in accordance with laws and regulations.

Acting as a lecturer at agriculture faculty, beside doing job as V.C. Students, he is doing research, presenting seminars, conferences and publishing scientific papers and he has three scientific papers right now.

Besides, he was selected as responsible and members of councils and committees at faculty and university level by University Academic Council such as member of academic council, leadership; committees such as exam, discipline, Quality assurance and accreditation,  curriculum reforms and …. Due to such activities and services with clarity and honesty, the governmental and nongovernmental offices such as leadership of MoHE, State governor, provincial council of Ghazni encouraged  him with appreciation and citation letters.