Short context relating to familiarizing Ghazni University Library from start up to now



The University initiated with the faculty of (Education and Agriculture) for the first time in 1387 in Ghazni province, so far its constitution is extended from two faculties to five, and three other faculties including the two previous faculties have expanded to its constitution during its activity until now, also the organization of most of the administrative divisions specially general management of the library hasn’t been in the constitution since initiation of the university which has fortunately been formally included in constitution of this department besides some other administrative posts in 1390, and as well in 1392 the post of librarian has been included in its constitution that for years up to now  the library with two employees (general director and librarian) has activity and serves, as mentioned the library hasn’t formally been in constitution of university from its initiation time, but with constant ambition and endeavors of the prime chancellor of Ghazni University the library informally soon after foundation formed with a room and various received copies of books from different organizations, until 1390 the library had settled about 13000 copies of books and number of scientific and unscientific magazines in different fields, and due to the lack of formal post  in the formation of administration and inconsideration to the décor of library, besides irregular books old equipment were placed that the library was more like a stock than library, after including the post of general management for the library in the constitution of administration: I Sayed Abdul-Rauf “Mousavi” postgraduate of economics appointed as the general in charge of the library department through open competition at the end of the year 1390, than with endless and continuous efforts I have arranged the catalog and set the books into the bookcases with the correspondence to  the fields they relate, despite the lack of initial facilities like a computer for accomplishing departmental affairs of the library some deal we have decorated the library, and since then up to now, besides rendering more and better library services we have continually tried to gain attention of the governmental and nongovernmental institutions for attaining books and other modern scientific resources, references, up to date and to continue it, over last years up to now endless and continuous endeavors in coordination with the leadership committee of administration we could receive various books in various fields  from different knowledge lover organizations, and we have provided it for our clients and users.

  • About 175 volumes of books have been received from the honorable Director of Publications of the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • About 120 other volumes of books in the field of animal medicine (Faculty of Veterinary) have been received by the Faculty of Animal Medicine (Veterinary) of Kabul University in 1397.
  • About 700 various volume books have been received from the office of Dr. Yahya Wardak.
  • 12 volumes of Holey Quran have been received from the Department of Information, Publications, and Public Relations of the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • About 72 volume books and scientific magazines have been received by the Academy of Sciences.
  • Lately 1500 volume books have been received by the department of Asia Foundation.

Continually with the support of leadership council we endeavor to provide facilities, books more and better scientific resources to enrich the library and meet the requirements of our clients and users with new and modern educational materials, besides extending supplying of reliable library services and quality in all parts of the department, specifically to extend scientific and educational parts and expand a better tomorrow for our scientific community.

 One of the main problems in expanding the supply of library services of the scientific institution is lack of specific and separate building, post and required facilities which poses a major obstacle for creating other libraries at the level of every faculty, since without specific structure, posts and required facilities supplying services seem difficult, I hope the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education for continuation of its generous cooperation for building a specific and separate structure with the required facilities for the library of this academic institution, and hope the Ministry to assist and help to free to problems of the library, in order with accreting building, post, and more delicate facilities to increase library and academic services, and to add up to the validity of this important scientific institution.    

The current situation of Library:

Library: the academic institution as you see on the picture which holds about 16000 volume books in four language; Dari, Pashto, English, and Arabic  in various fields such as: Agriculture, Literature, Education, Religious Science, and economy is in the situation  has two employees (one as a general in charge and one as a librarian), a computer base, a room, three large tables with their chairs which are used as library, office, clients registration office, Reading room, Home depot, and ETC, and library services are offered to clients and users.  

Library Development Plan:

The development plan of the library of this scientific institution depends on the provision of the following items;

  • Constructing of an independent and separate standard building according to the designed plan: Master plan of Ghazni University for the library.
  • Increasing the post and construction of the library for rendering better and more library services for the clients and users, who refer to receive educational materials and scientific information they need.
  • Providing specified internet for activating online library, so we can via this valve be in touch with universal valid libraries and profited by modern and up to date technologies.
  • Providing at least two Lap-Tops (PC) for the employees for doing paper works and 200 Desk-Tops equipped with required facilities for connecting the library with online libraries.
  • Allocating specific codes and budgets in the annual budget of the Ministry of Higher Education for libraries, so that library officials can purchase and provide applications, books, facilities, and equipment with the budget that is specific to the libraries according to their needs and priorities.

With the provision of the mentioned facilities, we can develop the library of this scientific institution at the level of any faculty, and we can create separate libraries for existing fields, and we can expand our library services which in the current situation due to the lack of place, and mentioned facilities like (structure of library, enough post and construction, specified internet, computers, and required budget) we can’t expand and develop the library at the level of every faculty and we can’t facilitate library services.

Biography and work Background;

I Sayed Abdul Rauf “Mousavi” (post graduate of economics) was born in a village of Jaghori District, and I have graduated from a central school of my birthplace, and having several years of work experience in one of the health institution or foundation, and Ghazni Education department. From eight years (end of year 1390) up to now I have the responsibility of this scientific institution, and I am offering library services to book and knowledge lovers and book readers.