English Department

  1. Biography of the Head of Department

Junior Lecturer Ghulam Yahya Asghari was born on May 10, 1989 in Ghazni province/ Afghanistan. He completed his elementary and high school education in Dr. Zubair ShahidnHigh School, and after passing the entrance/ kankor exam in 2009, he entered his favorite field (English Language and Literature) in the faculty of Literature and Humanities of Heart University. Finally, in 2012, he received his bachelor’s degree.

            Junior Lecturer Ghulam Yahya Asghari was recruited as a member of the academic staff in the field of English language and literature in 2014 through a free competition test. After three consecutive years of teaching in this field, in 2017, he left for the Republic of Iran through the master’s scholarships of the Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to upgrade his scientific and professional level and enroll in the master’s degree program and in the field of English language and literature. He received his master’s degree in 2019 from the faculty of foreign languages and literature, University of Tehran. After completing his master’s degree in the fall 2019, he returned to Ghazni Scientific Research and Examinations committees of the faculty of Language and Literature. Associate junior lecturer Ghulam Yahya Asghary was elected as the head of the English Department on Dec 31, 2019 after voting by the members of the scientific staff of English Department, and he is still in charge of the English Department.

  1. History and Current Status of the English Department

            The Department of English Language and Literature was established in 2012 within the framework of the faculty of Education with the formation of the first class of 40 people. In 2014 the Faculty of Language and Literature separated from the framework of the Faculty of Education and emerged as an independent faculty, and the English Department was recognized as one of the active departments of the Faculty of Language and Literature. The department has presented five rounds of graduates to community up to now. This group, as one of the effective groups along with Dari, Pashto and Arabic departments, carried out fruitful and effective activates for several years. This group welcomes more than 65 students who are admitted through the (national) entrance/ kankor exam. Currently, this group, which operates only in the daily sector, covers four classes. The most important achievement of this group is sending lecturers/professors related to the master’s program inside and outside of the country. In addition, some of the top students of this department were introduced and sent to scholarships in foreign countries. One of the most important achievements of this department is the recruitment of a female graduate as a member of scientific staff in this department, which has been recruited through free competition exam in this group. The department of English Language and Literature, as a required field, has played an important role in the quantitative and qualitative developments and along with other departments and faculties of Ghazni University.

            Currently, the English Language and Literature Department, with 189 students (126 males and 63 females), six lecturers/professors, five with a master’s degree and one with a bachelor’s degree, is working to train specialized and professional staff in the daily department. And the basis of their work is teaching, translating, researching, writing, and guiding students in various scientific and academic fields.

  1. Reputation of the Members of the Academic Staff of the English Department:



Name and surname


Degree of Education

Scientific rank


English Language and Literature


Ghulam Yahya Asghari



Junior Lecturer

The Head of English Language & Literature


Rahimullah Ramish



Junior Lecturer

The Dean of the Faculty of Literature


Mujtaba Jamal



Junior Lecturer



Ghazi Mohammad Takal

Nazir Mohammad


Junior Lecturer



Khalid Ahmad Sarwari



Junior Lecturer




Zarifa Rahemy

Haji Khan







  1. The Goals of English Language and Literature Department:

            Teaching English Language and Literature is one of the curricula in the educational system of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and one of the important goals of this department is to teaching and training of specialized teachers in English Language and Literature. As teaching English is the part of the Afghan educational curriculum system. And training of specialized teachers in teaching English has the great importance.  In this way, it has had priority and importance to paying attention to the technical and professional aspects of language teaching, creating skills in reading and comprehending text, pronunciation and correct expression in preparing a curriculum not only for educators but also for those who are not educators but want to solve their work and private life problems with this language. This department considers it its duty to educate and graduate the students and to establish links between academic agents such as professors, researchers, students and others who somehow work in teaching English for purposes of engineering, technology and industry and medical sciences in various other fields worldwide. Graduates of this department will not only be employed as teachers in high schools, but will also be assigned as translator or staff in all departments, public or private, where the need to use English is felt. This will make it easier at the national level.

  1. View and Mission of the Department of English Language and Literature:
    1. View:

            Today learning English is an undeniable necessity because English is the language of technology and teaching different fields at higher and semi- advanced levels. With the increasing globalization of international communications radio and television programs, world trade and modern science education are all conducted in English, and not knowing this language is equal to not living in today’s modern world. English is one of the living and international languages of the world, which is considered the most popular spoken language in the world today. Department of English Language and Literature of Ghazni University, believes that English has a direct impact on continuing education, and in order to learn this language better, the number of applicants is increasing day by day. Because most applicants think that they can get their bachelor’s degree in this field in the country and open the door for master’s and doctoral courses through which it can be found in foreign countries and continue their education simply in prestigious universities around the world.

    1. Mission:

            The English Department of Ghazni University has been serving English students, youth and the community since its establishment and has always strived to provide English language teaching services for them. The purposes of teaching English in this department is to train instructors, with theoretical knowledge and scientific skills in the four year period, have the ability and mastery in teaching English in high school and while having a positive attitude to their work in a desirable way to teach English in secondary education. And to make students increased in learning this language, and because teaching English today (The presence of foreigners in the country who often speak this language) though out of Afghanistan is unprecedented in history and very much felt it. There  are many enthusiasts and applicants who show a special interest in teaching English, and this department feels and understands such a need to meet such a need and considering the current condition.

  1. Strengths and Opportunities:

            Having five lecturers with a master’s degree in various fields of English language and literature, one of whom has a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran/ Afghanistan, two masters of TESOL from Shahid Ustad Rabbani University of Education and UTM university of Malasysia, one master of linguistics from the Osmania University of India, and one master of English literature from India, and another who has bachelor’s degree is about to introduced to one of domestic and foreign scholarships in the master program.

  • Interest of incoming students in this field
  • Having specialized and committed staff  in teaching affairs
  • Launching scientific seminars related to this field
  • Complete self/insider assessment efficiently
  • OBE and SCL program matching.
  • Renewal and correction of the strategic plan of the English Language and Literature department.
  • Annual graduation of about to 60students from bachelor degree.
  • Improving the academic rank of professors
  • Translation of materials related to Ghazni University website from national languages (Pashto and Dari) into English.
  • Taking the English language consolidation exam from professors related to their academic promotions.
  • Teaching English in all related department faculties and departments
  • Evaluation the quality of teaching
  1. Weak points:
  • Lack of specific field of work
  • Lack of statistics on recruits
  • Lack of standard library for research and preparation of course materials at the level of Ghazni University and the faculty of Language and Literature
  • Lack of language laboratory for students
  • Lack of projector for visual English language skills
  • Lack of speakers for topics such as English listening skills
  • Lack of a computer base for the department directorate to carry out administrative and academic affairs.
  • Absence/lack of some professional subjects in the curriculum for example the subject of literary criticism
  • Lack of actions of the president of Ghazni University to the previous suggestions of this group.
  •  Lack of the standard classroom.
  • Lack of professors/lecturers room.
  1. Obstacles and Changes
  • Lack of suitable hall  for seminars and conference
  • Lack of capacity building programs, workshops and seminars by the University and Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Lack of suitable classes for language teaching one of the serious challenges of this department is that there are more than 60 students in its classes while a maximum of 30 people are considered for teaching a language in a class.
  • Lack of cooperation and society desire for scientific research.
  • Poor level of English knowledge of students who graduate from schools and do not have the required knowledge of this department.
  • Lack of security for students and teachers (while last year there was a mine blast inside the classroom and 33 students were injured). The issue of distance and lack of security is one of biggest challenges.
  • Lack of transportation system for students and lecturers/professors
  • Lack of drinking water, toilets from woman, green area and etc…
  • Lack of regular and efficient system or curriculum for students of this department
  • Lack of computer, printer, scanner etc… in the directorate of the department to  properly manage administrative and teaching affairs



A short report about persuasive seminar carried on by English Department students at Ghazni University, conference hall.

On Monday, November 19, 2018, The English Department of Literature Faculty conducted a persuasive speech seminar at Ghazni University conference hall. Ten English department students were selected out of twenty, and they were trained, directed and motivated for two months to deliver their speeches before the audience. The chancellor of Ghazni University, the vice-chancellor for academic affairs, the vice-chancellor for students’ affairs, the dean of literature faculty, the head of research committee, the IT manager, and hundreds of students from literature and other faculties participated in this gathering.

First, the Ghazni University chancellor, Mohammad Bayer Darmel, talked about the importance of holding such programs in the university in order to build a competitive environment among students. Afterward, the dean of literature faculty, Rahimullah Ramish, shed light on what persuasive speech is, and how students can better give such talks in front of the public. He stated that holding such seminars in the university can be a good source of motivation to students. Subsequently, Zakarya Habibi, a honorary English teacher, who had put his best efforts training the twenty students and then selecting the ten top students, gave his speech as a model of persuasive talk. Later, Rahmatullah Amiry, Beheshta Behekhwa, Razia Khalili, Shakila Mureed, Nazia Jamal, Mohammad Bilal Adib, Abdul Samd Wesal, Somaya Jafari, Mursal Saifi, and Asya Jamili gave their speeches one after another and amused the audience delightfully. Each speaker talked about six to seven minutes, within seventy minutes or almost one hour and a half. At the end, certificates of appreciation that was already made were distributed to these students.

 Persuasive speech within public speaking is widely used all over the globe. The aim of a persuasive speech is to inform, educate, convince, and motivate the audience to accept all or part of what is being delivered. In fact, you are essentially trying to sway the audience to adopt your own viewpoint.  

The goal of holding this program (persuasive speech) is to prepare the students of English Department to stand before an audience and deliver speeches in an effective way. The major purpose of this program is to motivate the students of English Department, and other students to be encouraged and enable them to give effective speeches throughout their life and enhance their ability and confidence in public speaking. It is mentionable that not only the students of English department, but also the students of other languages and other faculties can benefit such seminars.

Students’ Abstracts

Inside Mind


Think you are in a dessert, and you are very thirsty, and you want water. Along your way you find a bottle, but the bottle is empty. Is the empty bottle worthy for you? Do you care about the empty bottle? You find another bottle, but this one is full of dirty water. Do you drink it? Your health is in danger. Can you risk? You find the last bottle. This one is full of clean, cold and pure water. How worthy will it be for you?

Human being mind is also like these bottles. No one cares about empty mind. Dirty mind is worthless. The mind which is full of clean and pure thoughts and ideas is worthy. I hope my speech persuade my audience to take care of their minds and full them by clean and pure thoughts. If they do what I hope, we will have a good and improved society, because a clean and pure thought can change the badness to goodness, or at least doesn’t think about badness.


Forgiveness is one of the most important characteristics of a person. It is about letting go off the past and starting on a clean state. We always build up negative issues in our past and need to clutter the in order to grow. That is why we need to forgive others.

Many researches show for some of the people it is not always easy to forgive someone for doing something wrong. According to the information that I have collected from the internet websites and books, our thoughts, beliefs, and our misconception about forgiveness make it hard to forgive.

The main purpose of my speech is to tell people that forgiveness can create power in our lives. To create a spark within people to forgive, and know the power of forgiveness. To try forgiveness in their lives. I hope that this speech help my audiences to feel light and get rid of hard feelings that occupy their mind and heart to help them to forgive.


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the right to speak censorship or restraint by the government. It is the right to express yourself what you want without being controlled or restricted by anyone. It is the legal right to say what you want.

The main purpose of my speech is to tell all the people it is important to know what is Freedom of Speech. The importance of Freedom of Speech should apply not only on a political stage, social stage, or in a huge way but also it applies more importantly in the 10,000 conversations we have every day. Every citizen has the right to express his or her thoughts and ideas without any fear and interference. 

Believe in Yourself

The topic of my speech is about Believe in Yourself. Believing is very important, if you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you. If you believe in yourself, you will change your life, if you change your life, you will change the world. Everything is possible if you just believe in yourself. Believing in yourself can rescue your life from adversity. It can bring result in your life.

I want to tell to my dear people and dear audience, that my dear audience and people just believe in yourselves and believe in your life believe in your goals. If you believe in yourselves, it will be easy to reach to your life. Always believe in yourselves and never give up because you don’t know what success could be right around the corner.

When sometimes our people face with problems in their life, they become tired from their life. When they can’t get to their goals, they give up. All of these are just because they don’t believing in themselves. If they believe in themselves, they can take the world in their hands. 

Never Give Up

Some people give up in their life very easily. They don’t fight for their dreams they leave their wishes, hopes and goals. They thought that the only people who have power they can be successful in their life.

My goal is to tell them that they are wrong. Everyone can get their dreams even they are disable. Everyone has innate power that can get his or her dreams. I will give example of a man who is a disabled person, but he never gave up on his dreams until he achieved all of his dreams. So we also can get our goals, but it needs trying and attempt and never give up on problems. My speech is about Never Give Up. You should not give up when you face with deadlocks in your life, fight with all of them and get your dreams, wishes and hopes. We quit our dreams when we face with problems, but those who succeeded in their life they never quit until they achieved their wishes.

Brain Power or Creativity to Success

My name is Razia “Khalili”. I am senior student of faculty of Languages and Literature especially in English department of Ghazni University. I am so glad about the first period of Public speaking at Ghazni University. And I am yearning to be the witness of continuation of this program. In this program I am going to talk about the Brain Power or Creativity to Success. I wish I could convince respectful audiences that anyone could be success in their life because someone is there that don’t believe about their brain power. By giving real example, I want to prove that every individual human being is born as a genius. I suggest for my audiences to try once, just one time try to have plans, do not to give up, try to do anything is necessary, stay up to the end, to get the result of what they have expected in their life. As says “seeker is finder”.

Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life

Thoughts are force that can control our life and change it completely, and it can make our life as beautiful as a paradise or as worse as a hell. It can also lead us to success or frustration. The reason for giving this speech is to tell you that thoughts have a lot of impacts on your life so take care of your thoughts because it leads to your actions and the only thing that you have complete control over it in the universe is your thoughts.

You Have the Potential

Proudly, I am a student of Ghazni University Department of Languages and Literature. I am a very lucky person that I have participated in the program of public speaking. The main purpose of delivering this speech is to share and express my life experiences, failure, success to others, and to give other people this guarantee that everyone has the potential or something special that makes them unique. There are ups and downs in life and these downs cause that most of the people are still thinking that we are not the capable of these things, but no this is not what people think. Life is a rank; the good fighters are the game winner.


What We Think We Are

The topic of my speech is What We Think We Are. According to studies and experiences, all that we are is the result of what we have thought. Whatever happens in our lives, whatever we face in our lives is the result of our thoughts.

I want to tell my audiences that every one’s destiny is in their hands. You can build your future as nice as you desire by just your thoughts. You are shaped by your mind. You become what you mostly think about. Your external world is a picture of your internal world. Your world is like a mirror which reflects your thoughts.

I want to talk about this topic because I want everyone to know that one’s goals are achievable if they think about its achievement. If you want to gain your dreams, just inculcate them in your mind and believe them because what your mind does is what you believe.    


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