About Ghazni University


Working Policy

Ghazni University as one of the nationwide scientific institutions considering opportunities and facilities in hand is committed to train professional cadres at bachelor level and offer professional human resources for the national needs. Ghazni University maintains the following values:


1. Constant adherence to the national and Islamic principles, laws, and values

2.  Respect for justice and opposition to any prejudice and discrimination

3.  Constant quality and quantity maintenance in delivering services and programs

4.  Observance of transparency, accountability for activities, and opposition to any kind of corruption

5. Partnerships and teamwork

6. Commitment to favorable ethics and honesty with national interests in mind

7. Continuous support and recruitment of women in the light of principles and laws of the country.

Ghazni University History

Gahzni province has the history in the sunrise that goes back over thousand years and it inheritances a huge culture. So having Universities and other academic field are in priority in this province.

  In the 6/3/1387 Gahzni University was established by struggle of the elders and representative of the people, so this university stated under the supervision of professor (Ahmad Shah Rafiqi) former chancellor of Ghazni University.

Actually this University started with two academic brunches (agriculture and Education faculty) which in the first year this university had about 110 students which include 14 female students and 97 male students which it got increased.

For the first time this the students of this university was graduated in 1390. To tell you the truth, this University is not just an academic brunch for the people of the Ghazni, indeed it is a big honor for the people of this province. So, we wish that your attention for making breakthrough of our University.


Indeed there are Five  brunches in the Ghazni University (Agriculture ,Economic ,Sharia ,Litratcher & Language and Education Faculty) and all progresses have happened in the frame work of these two Faculties. Furthermore, the numbers of the students which are studying in these faculties are about 4000 students, which include of 540 of female.

Agriculture Faculty

It is crystal clear which this Faculty is one of the key faculties of Ghazni University with two brunches (agronomy and Marti culture). Moreover, Ghazni University has hired 10 cadre teachers from this faculty. If we have a glance on the numbers of the students, there are about 319 students, include of three female students.  


          Education Faculty

First Education faculty had just two Departments (Dari Literature and Math) and by struggle of the stuff the number of the Departments got increased on many other departments like (Pashto Literature, Arabic Literature, Biology, history and computer science) as well as there are 26 teachers are teaching in this faculty.

 And our next graduated students will be from Dari and Math Departments. Moreover, there are about 601 students which are included of 144 female and 457 male.


Actually Ghazni University has the history that goes back 3 years and this University started with fewer facilities, on the laps of time this university saw the improvement with new technological progress.

I T Facilities

Ghzni University is mobilized with I T and new technological system, and there are about 100 PC with high speed Internet as well as a big library which is contain about 30000 thousand different Persian books.

Teaching facilities or Materials

Since starting, this University has hired building for rent, so in spite of having a lot of security and environmental challenges this University is still dealing with these kinds of situations. This is all, why we hoped people to give hands to us, but they didn’t. Fortunately, today we have the new compass of University and it is built in the east of Ghazni University. Furthermore, the dormitory is also under work and it will be beneficiate as soon as possible.

Administrative Facilities

Although this University is built in recent years but it is in a good atmosphere of administrative system