Dari Department

Department of Farsi-Dari:

Biography of Head Department of Farsi-Dari

Junior Lecturer, Ali Akbar Zawli, was born in 24/12/1367 in Ghazni Province. He completed his primary, secondary and high school studies in Imam Qaayeem high school of Bakawol. After taking the national university entrance exam, Zawli opened his way to the Department of Farsi-Dari in Kabul University from where he attained his bachelor degree in Persian Language and Literature in 1391. He passed the exam for master degree in 1393, and he was admitted by the Department of Farsi-Dari of Kabul University. Then after, Zawli earned his Master Degree in the field of Persian Language and Literature. Zawli started poetry at his earlier days of education in Kabul University. Later, he joined Athenaeum of Pardis (Anjoman Adabi Pardis) as a member and participated in two poetry contests that he attained the first position in the contests.

Zawli is also one of the founders of athenaeum of ‘Sher-e-Danishgah’ that is famous and effective even today across the country. After the competitive exam in 1395, Zawili was appointed as a lecturer in the department of Farsi-Dari of Ghazni University. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Zawli has also worked as the head of the Department of Farsi-Dari all these years. Besides, he is appointed the person in charge of the nightshift education program of the Education Faculty of Ghazni University. In relation to his academic work, he has published two academic pieces entitled ‘Dastan Naweesani Ma’aseri Ghazni’ and ‘Khirad dar Dewaani Nasir Khisraw Balkhi’ and written many articles that have not been published yet. Zawli is a member of the athenaeum of ‘Khana Khiam’ for the present time, and some of his lyrics have been published in the compilation of ‘Obor az Sang’ written by the members of athenaeum of ‘Khana Khiam’.

Background of Department of Farsi-Dari

Department of Farsi-Dari as one of the departments of Education Faculty simultaneously founded with Faculty of Education and successfully operated for years. By the foundation of Language and Literature Faculty in 1393, Department of Farsi-Dari was separated from Faculty of Education and merged into Faculty of Language and Literature as one of the four departments. This department yearly serves hundreds of students introduced through national university entrance exam in dayshift and nightshift. Presently, this department teaches four classes in dayshift and four classes at night shift. The best achievement of this department comes from the advancement of the educational level of the lecturers of this department. Among the lecturers of this department, three lecturers are currently pursuing their PhD studies in Iran. Department of Persian Dari as one of the basic and demanding fields has played integral role in advancement of Ghazni University. For the present time, this department having 177 students and 4 lecturers operate in dayshift and nightshift for educating skillful and professional cadres.

Faculties in Farsi-Dari Department:



Full Name


Level of Education

Academic  Designation


Persian Dari Department


Nematullah Farisa

Mohammad Jawad

Phd Scholar

Junior Lecturer




Mohammad Yasi Asi

Hosain Ali

Phd Scholar

Junior Lecturer




Mohammad Zia Rijayee

Ali Joma

Phd Scholar

Junior Lecturer




Ali Akbar Zawli

Ghulam Sakhi

Phd Scholar

Junior Lecturer

Head of the Department


Objectives of Department of Farsi-Dari:

Language and literature is viewed as identity of a community and an important cultural element, and Persian Language and literature are the richest and most original language ​​and cultural fields in the world (both in terms of content and form). This claim is confirmed by the excessive interest of other nations in our language and literature, as well as the special position of great figures such as Maulana, Saadi, Ferdowsi, Hafez, Abu Ali Sina and hundreds of other scholars in this cultural field. Therefore, the Department of Farsi-Dari, as one of the small entity of the great cultural field of Persian language and literature, has carried out effective and purposeful activities for flourishing of Persian literature since the beginning of its establishment. This department will remain committed to protecting this great and valuable heritage and paving the way for it to be more prominent in the world. Language, literature and culture must be accepted as a national identity and the basis of all matters of social life, and firm and purposeful steps must be taken to provide the ground for its development and progress. Conditions for interaction and alignment with other linguistic and cultural spheres are provided and positive interaction is reinforced. The main objectives of the Department of Farsi-Dari can be summarized as follow:

  • Training young, committed and knowledgeable cadres and teachers to uphold the literary and cultural values ​​of the country and to teach in schools.
  • Conducting specialized research with modern world standards in the light of the vast richness of Persian language and culture.
  • Provide a balanced and efficient curriculum for students.
  • Organizing specialized seminars on the history of literature and poets and writers in the field of Persian language and literature.
  • Providing a positive environment for students.


Vision and Mission of Department of Farsi-Dari


To advance Department of Farsi-Dari of Ghazni University as one of the accredited national and international departments in educating professional and homogenous cadres in respect to the neighboring countries’ educational level and also to train experienced graduates in various fields with the help of Language and Literature Faculty.


Department of Farsi-Dari is one of the academic branches that teaches numerous students Persian Language and Literature. Also, this department strives for training Experts and lecturers in the field of literature, editing, research, creation of literary and artistic works and consultants in cultural and publishing affairs for ministries and other governmental institutions. Moreover, Department of Farsi-Dari will have an active and effective contribution in the field of creating academic works, standard research and producing new knowledge.


  • Three Lecturers of this department are pursuing their PhD studies and join the department soon after the completion of their studies. The other four lecturers, three of whom are to be hired in the department, hold master degree.
  • The Lecturers of this department are familiar with contemporary technology and modern research criteria; so far, they have submitted several scientific articles to reputable scientific journals.
  • The Department has cooperative ground and friendly relations at the departmental and faculty level
  • The Department organizes specialized scientific, literary and cultural seminars at the university and provincial level with the cooperation of students


Department of Farsi-Dari, along with great advantages and achievements, is facing the following challenges:

  • Lack of a standard library for Lecturers and students
  • Lack of standard classrooms and office rooms
  • Lack of regular internet and electrical system
  • Lack of job opportunities for graduates of this department
  • Lack of an organized and efficient curriculum for students