Vice-Chancellor For Administrative and Financial Affairs

Biography of Vice-Chancellor For Administrative and Financial Affairs




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Biography of Shah Reza Mohammadi Admin &Finance vice-chancellor of Ghazni University

Shah Reza “Mohamamdi” son of Ali Reza “Yosoufi” was born in 1983 at Shakha –e- Jalil village of Jeghato district of Ghazni province in a religious family, he passed his elementary lesson at Golbowri school, and high school at Alberni Jermato High School.

He Graduated from Kabul University, Faculty of Economy in 2007.

In early of 2008 in competition way selected as a Finance Officer at Ghazni Education Directorate, he was busy in his duty affairs, because It was project based program and funded by world bank terminated in 20 December 2016. Then chosen by an open competition way as District Social Mobilizer in Jegato district schools by (EQUIP) program from 2013 up 16 August 2015. after that he was busy personal affairs with many private companies and many exchanges up 15 March 2017. In 15 March 2017 selected as Provincial Coordinator in Ministry of Education (Enhancement of Literacy in Afghanistan) program, this program includes (Over aged children literacy enhancement, Beekeeping, Sewing, Dairy Process) this program cover four districts of Ghazni Province (Ghazni Center, Jeghato, Qarabagh and Jaghuri) that funded by UNISCO, this program continued up to 1 July 2018. After that based on experience he has in admin and finance affairs, leadership of Ghazni Education directorate decide to hire him as an expert in admin and finance section up to fiscal year of 2018.

Later participated in competition way exam that was held by independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service   Commission, after successfully passing the exam, based on (91) decree date 21 March 2019 presidential office selected as a Finance and admin vice-chancellor of Ghazni University and currently doing his duties based on his job description.