Economic Faculty

Dean's Message

The Faculty of Economics at Ghazni University prepares students for a successful professional life in their field of choice. Our Faculty offers two undergraduate programs through the Business Administration and Banking and Finance Affairs departments. The decision to study at this faculty is the decision to enter a world of possibilities that can surely mobilize your best abilities and potentials. You will get the guidance of our lecturers who are experts, and advisers in their related professionals, all of whom have national experience. Our faculty, in addition to formal titles and knowledge, also have the business experience they share with students in order to introduce them to current and future business challenges.

Being aware of the fact that only knowledge, constant progress and development can ensure a safe opportunity in today’s economy, we are constantly upgrading the work of the Economics Faculty, and we are trying to teach the updated materials to our students. Our Faculty provides students with a high quality education and equips them with the skills and sense of responsibility that assist them in pursuing a successful professional life.

The environment in which you will study will surely contribute to your fast development, and will enrich and change your perspective on doing business. What makes our programs special is the fact that our students are the main factors and the main reason for their existence. Students work in a technologically advanced, creative, interactive atmosphere that encourages learning. We always strive for a better quality, in which the opinions of our alumni students are of invaluable importance. They think the studies are demanding to the point that they present a challenge, but, in the end, bring satisfaction for the invested effort and time.


The primary mission of the economics faculty of Ghazni University is to offer educational opportunities to students in order to prepare them to become accomplished citizens and professionals capable of critical thinking and independent analysis. The economics faculty places an emphasis on excellence in teaching through continuous professional development in instruction, as well as, in applied and theoretical economic research. The economics faculty also recognizes the importance of conducting professionally relevant service activities for the university, the public, and private constituents at the local, state and national levels and is committed to:

  • Providing its graduates with knowledge, skills, and values that enable them to actively integrate these attributes into their professional careers.
  • Empowering faculty to produce a balanced mix of basic and applied research that would enrich the advancement of knowledge and provide creative solutions to problems that exist in national business and governmental sectors.
  • Increasing the contributions of faculty, staff, and students to the enrichment of the common good of civil societies, business firms, and governmental agencies at the local and national levels. This is accomplished by offering various customized research, consultation and faculty and student led training programs that cater to each group needs


The Faculty of Economics at Ghazni University is determined to reach the leadership position in shaping the education and practice in the fields of management, economics, and accounting at the local, regional, and international levels. In addition, it is committed to developing leaders who are noble in character, ethical in conduct, and serve with knowledge to make a difference to the society they live in.


The economics faculty at Ghazni University believes that it should meet the highest standards of academic quality within the context of Afghanistan’s Islamic values and traditions.